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Impressions vs Clicks: What you need the most?

Advertisements have always played an important role in product engagement and promotion, as it is one of the most useful and advantageous marketing methods. There were times when ads used to run on billboards, TV commercials, brochures, etc, and these advertising mediums are still followed. But a new method got introduced to the world of marketing, known as “digital marketing”, which we are all well aware of.

Digital advertising is one of the most effective methods in the marketing world that never fails in any attempt. When it comes to online advertising there are three types of interactions you get from your paid ads which are:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Conversations

Each of these interactions is about knowing how effective your paid ad was and with that, you can either make the advertising better or you can stick with the same one since it appeared to be efficient and beneficial.

But before going for an online, paid advertisement it is very important to know all about it.

What are Impressions?

The most asked questions from new digital marketing students is what is an impression? Impressions known as view-through, is one of the ways to see how many people interacted with your website. In simple words, an impression shows the count of numbers on your ad, which is seen by the user in the form of banners, links, or buttons. When a person opens any website or app and the advertisement you made appears on it but the person did not click on that ad, it will still count as an impression.

CMP stands for Cost Per Mille (Mille means thousand), which you have to pay for running an online ad. An average rate of CMP is $1.5 and in $1.5 you can have a thousand impressions digital marketing on your ad.

Importance of Impressions

Keep count of impressions is important for the advertiser because it helps him to know how many people are seeing the ad. Even if anyone does not click on the ad, it develops an interest in the users about the brand and the product since being recognized is one of the main objectives.

Through the counts of impressions, an advertiser can figure out the reach of the advertising channel which is very useful for most marketers to calculate marketing metrics.

What are Clicks?

When it comes to clicks, it seems quite different from impression digital marketing. Click is also a type of interaction that will give you a count on how many people clicked on your ad to reach out to your website to know about your selling product or to make a purchase. Click can be taken as a positive interaction as it shows that people are interested in your product and it also helps the advertiser in finding its audience which they actually need to target. A click on your ad is much more important than an impression.

Importance of Clicks

Clicks are one of the primary interactions an advertiser desires for the ad, as it is a way to evaluate how well your advertisement worked in order to gain engagement, to achieve a specific audience, and to surge sales conversion. If someone clicks your ad, it clearly shows that your ad was attractive enough to capture someone’s mind.

Both impressions and clicks are measured to calculate the metrics of your advertisement.

Clicks vs Impressions

When paid and online advertising is concerned, it is very important to measure both impressions and clicks to know how beneficial your advertisement campaign was but if the only point is about comparing both of the interactions then there are many differences in each of them.

Impressions are important because they show the audiences to which the ad is reaching whereas click shows insights of how effective and compelling the ad was when the user clicked the ad.

If the impression shows how many people are watching your ad then, the click shows how many people are interested in buying the product for which the ad is about.

Impression only gives the sense that your ad is reaching a large audience while click indicates whether the reached audience is actually interested in your ad or if not so you need to spice your ad up. For comparing clicks vs impressions there is a metric called CTR (click-through rate), whereas to compare click and conversion, the Conversion rate metric is used for the measurement.

Considering all the facts above, it is noticed that it is not about google ads impressions vs clicks, it is about the different roles it plays in online advertising as the importance of both interactions totally depends on the goal of your campaign. Advertisers and marketers usually pay only for the sake of one click. This process is called Pay-Per-Click in which an advertiser pays when a single click is noticed on the running ad. Running an ad is a positive action from the side of the advertiser in order to generate an audience for a specific product or website and noticing interactions like click vs impression shows how effective your ad campaign is going.


Advertisement is very much important for marketing your product, but what’s more important is to do it in the right way. Impressions and clicks both have their own importance so before investing in your online paid ad, you should know the exact audience you need to focus on.

Make your pay-per-click and pay-per-impression worth it by hiring the best advertising company that provides you with exceptional advertising services in an affordable and effective way. But it is good to maintain impression vs click ratio which is CTR and for that you have to work on your average position.

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