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Top 3 Marketing Automation Software

Marketing is how your businesses/brands/products are displayed to the world and to the targeted customers, to whom you want to showcase your brand. Moreover, it is the overall plan or strategy used for brand awareness and to develop engagement with as much of audiences as possible.

Marketing is used as part of a business plan that helps in developing and maintaining the reputation of your brand or business. To make it easier and more effective, technophiles invented automation features in marketing that are known as Marketing Automation Softwares. 

Over 75% of companies are using marketing automation for their businesses and if your company is missing in this 75% then you are far away from the competition or marketing. 

Let’s know more about Marketing Automation and its top three software that helps in doing these tasks easier and faster. 

What is a Marketing Automation Software? 

Automation is a luxury in today’s world, where there is too much work, very limited time, and people can not remain occupied. Automation is helping in several industries and specially in the marketing sector, automation has become a keystone that ensures efficiency and effectiveness.

Marketing Automation Softwares are capable of automating all the marketing tasks, streamlining the workflow and gauging the results of marketing campaigns. 

The automation features of this software not only helps in engaging the customers by building a connection with them, but also includes more aspects such as email campaigns, social media platform scheduling and postings, lead generation digital advertisement, data analytics, etc. 

If utilized appropriately, marketing automation software can:

  • Increase your productivity by up to 29%
  • 36% of increment in customer engagement 
  • Nurturing leads can enhance up to 57% 
  • A 47% boost in sales revenue and much more
  • 80% of ease in the work as the autopilot feature of the software decreases the work

What Are The Essential Features Of An Ideal Marketing Automation Software? 

From prospecting to capturing leads, marketing automation automates each process. Here are some essential features an ideal marketing automation software must possess:

Tracking visitors

This automation feature helps in awareness of your prospect’s interest on your social media page or website. The visitors tracking feature provides insight into your visitor’s behavior and helps in examining their interests and preferences in products. 

Managing Campaigns

If you are running an email campaign you can manage it by email tracking that provides a report on the clicks and view rate of your emails; this also helps in analyzing the performance of your email campaign. 

Organized workflow

Your audience takes time and goes through many stages to be your potential customers. Automation software helps you establish a streamlined and organized workflow, defining each step of the process.

Personalized engagement 

Personalization is the key when dealing with the prospects, that’s why marketing automation softwares offer personalized engagement automation feature in which you can use personalized messages and emails that makes vast difference while building the presence of your business. 

How To Choose A Marketing Automation Software For Your Business? 

Choosing the right market automation software for your business is very important, especially if you have B2B and enterprise companies.

Here are a few key features you must consider while choosing marketing automation software for your business: 

Determine your business budget and its needs

Determining your business type and its budget is immensely important before opting for automation software for marketing. 

First of all, you need to see your business type whether it’s a B2B or B2C business or a huge company that requires marketing automation software. 

Secondly, the budget of your business needs to be under control as the capital of your business needs to be stable. 

After all, installing automation software means you need higher returns so it’s better prior installing this software, you must engage with a marketing automation agency that is reasonably priced and can grow with your business according to the changes your business will go through. 

Check the ease of your software 

Marketing automation is not as simple as it looks, so before its implementation make sure the software works in your favor, not against you.

For further ease, consult a marketing automation agency that has good knowledge related to the software. 

Request A Demo

Before inaugurating marketing automation software, it’s better to request a demo from the providers or marketing automation agencies. Trying out automation software can help you notice the tools and features that can be helpful for you. 

Top 3 Marketing Automation Software For Your Business

There are many marketing automation software’s that have different automation features depending on the size of the business and the purpose you need to install it for.

Let’s check around the top 3 marketing automation softwares for your business:


ActiveCampaign is one of the best marketing automation software overall, as this software claims itself to be a customer experience automation. 

It has a CRM solution integrated with email campaign marketing in the automation platform. It also provides solutions for customer support, sales, and marketing.

Moreover, this marketing automation software has tools that can successfully convert interested customers into leads. It also offers marketing strategies for multi-channels. 

ActiveCampaign is one of the best software in the market and is currently installed to operate several businesses’ marketing automations. But this powerful platform must be operated by an expert to get the best results. 


HubSpot is a popular platform when it comes to inbound marketing automation. HubSpot has a full growth suite that has powerful sales software, strategic marketing software with customer support software that is automatically integrated with HubSpot’s CRM. 

This inbound marketing automation software has outstanding tools that help marketers to deal with customers leading them to generate sales. 

Moreover, one of the useful automation features of this software is that it can perform day-to-day tasks. 

HubSpot is best for: 

  • SMBs
  • Inbound Marketing 
  • Startups 
  • Large businesses etc. 


Salesforce is a cloud automation solution that serves enterprises that have technical resources plus helps in learning the platform with time. 

This marketing automation software has a lot of features that automate connections between previous customers, manage CRM that is integrated into email campaign marketing, and provide an ROI report to analyze whether your campaigns are working according to the strategy.

As this software is remarkably powerful,  it is not easily accessible or affordable for small businesses as it has no free trials. 

Salesforce software works best for:


We have mentioned the top 3 marketing automation software for your business and because automation means ease, it has to be chosen wisely.

Consulting a marketing automation agency can be a better choice before installing any software for your business because these automation features need expertise. 

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