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How Deepfake Technology Can Influence Digital Marketing?

Deepfake technology has changed the world of digital marketing strategies. Although not many marketers use this technology, we can still see its popularity considering its unique and exciting features.

This technology offers different audio and visual content types, surprisingly altered by deepfake AI technology. However, it has a unique way of creating content compared to the conventional way of content creation.

The purpose of deepfake technology is to alter digital content by changing a person’s facial and other physical features to an extent where you would not be able to point out any difference between the original and the one created using deep-fake technology. Therefore, people have increasingly started using this deepfake technology, with the objective to enhance digital marketing. 

What is Deepfake Technology?

It is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based application, and a type of machine learning that falls under the popular term deep learning. It’s primary focus is to let computers learn how to complete a task that they are not explicitly programmed for. 

Moreover, it allows machines to recognize different things, such as people or objects shown within the images. 

How Does Deepfake Technology Affect the Digital World?

Deepfake technology has surprised people with its results in digital marketing. Its still too early for this technology, but its popularly being used to improve the marketing experience, most commonly in storytelling content. 

Let us explain this with an example:

As explained earlier, computer vision utilizes deep learning algorithms to pick objects shown in videos or images – As a result, it is capable of identifying everything.

Deepfake technology also allows the best tool for image synthesis. For instance, if a person is holding his pet dog, and in another image, a person is holding a flag. Deepfake technology can create a new image showing the same person holding both, the pet dog and a flag. 

Benefits of Deepfake in Digital Marketing 

Deepfake technology is quite beneficial for digital marketers. Here’s how this technology can positively influence digital marketing:

– Hyper-Personalization 

Deepfake technology comes with an exclusive hyper-personalization option, which means the customers can opt based on their preferences. 

How does it work? 

This technology allows you to see how a dress would look on a specific body type or skin tone. You can also create the same video in multiple languages to entertain a wide range of customers of different ethnicities and cultures. 

Another aspect is that you can easily match your customer’s location for your marketing campaigns, to help increase your reach among audiences. 

– Lower Cost of Campaigns

Campaign videos are too expensive when it involves real actors, editors, and a marketing team; but deepfake video technology has made it much cheaper. 

So, creating deepfake marketing videos will only need the license or copyrights to use the actor’s identity. Then you can work on the existing video and update the dialogues according to your targeted campaign. 

It will cost you a lot less than making a new video from scratch. So its highly recommended for marketers with a limited budget.

– Quality Omni Channel Campaigns 

Deepfake technology also repurposes content for different platforms. And since it does not require actors, it makes it easier to repurpose the content for your multiple marketing channels, timely and economically.

You only need to edit the video to create content for your targeted audience. Moreover, you can easily produce content or synthetic dialogue for a radio ad or even podcasts. 

Side Effects of Deepfake Technology 

Here’s why you should think twice before using this technology for digital marketing. 

– Increase in Potential Scams 

Deepfake technology has also enabled several scammers – These scams included false accusations against a person, company, or even a service. How does it happen?

Scam videos can be easily made by using the actual recording of the incident and then changing the audio using deepfake. Leading you to believe something that never happened.

Several manufacturers misuse this technology to post fake testimonials of their products, lying to reassure and attract their customers. 

– Lack of Customer Trust 

This is one of the most obvious impacts of deepfake technology. Most people create videos using the deepfake, which is hard to verify or authenticate. As a result, people hesitate to trust whether it is real or not. 

Digital marketers consider this as an ethical violation because such campaigns manipulate consumers. And such a customer base with hesitant mindset is a loss for all.

How Digital Marketers Can Use Deepfake Technology in their Online Campaigns?

How can appropriate use of this technology help you boost your campaigns?

Let’s find out. 

– Influencer Marketing Campaigns

In this approach, you can use this technology well without asking or paying a top influencer to shoot a video for your marketing campaign. All you need is the digital footage and their permission; the rest will be done by the deepfake AI. 

You can easily pick any historical or contemporary influencers and use them in your videos to boost the campaign in a short time, using their popularity.  Moreover, it also gives you the liberty to use different influencers from different backgrounds and countries to increase the audience reach. 

– Experiential Marketing Campaigns

This is a fantastic way to use deepfakes for brand awareness and digital campaigns. Give your consumers a fully interactive experience of shopping. It can be possible to demonstrate the products where deepfake videos are created by the clients who use the products. 

You can allow your consumers to use their faces and bodies to try their clothes before placing the order. It excites the audience when they receive such an immersive online shopping experience. 


This technology is still in the development phase, and it certainly make marketing much more effortless. There are pros and cons while using it in digital marketing. However, with this technology we can achieve many business and marketing goals in terms of finances, as well as to reach more potential consumers. 

As long as people avoid using this deepfake technology maliciously, it can help the brand and the consumer.

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