Last updated on September 28, 2022

Why You Should Avoid Ai Generated Content on Your Website

In content and copywriting, we’ve recently seen a hot topic being discussed among writers and SEO experts, which is AI Generated Content. It’s being discussed because of its accessibility and the facility it provides to content creators. AI content allows writers to take a break from researching, generating topics, and, of course, writing the content. 

But why don’t many people depend on AI content writing and tend to avoid automatically generated content for their websites? There are several reasons that will be discussed in this blog. 

Most people consider it vital for a brighter future in content marketing. As a result, we see a high demand for paid and free AI copywriting tools that are being used by writers for different marketing purposes. 

But is it the solution? It might be – if the AI content generator is used correctly.

What Exactly Is AI Content or Copywriting?

AI Copywriting is the creation of content with the help of AI-based software that supports different aspects of writing and editing. In AI content writing, the software understands the human brain by drawing data from additional resources and creating perfect copies, using a technology called ‘deep learning. 

You must become an expert AI content writer if you want to use this technology appropriately because your AI content could become a reason for a drop in traffic and visibility on the search results – even google takes action and fines a penalty. Worst case scenario can have your domains banned.

Reasons Why Should You Avoid AI Generated Content On Your Website

To most people, AI Content generators may look like the best way to speed up content writing, but that doesn’t happen in most cases. Here are a few reasons to focus on producing original content rather than AI Content Writing:

1. No Match To Human Competitors 

We all know that there is more than required content written on a particular keyword than the actual volume of the search. In this case, we face information overloading, which means we have more content available than is required. 

So, it is nearly impossible for AI-generated content to confront human competition based on natural user searches. It is a fact that google always keeps user experience above everything else. Therefore, the content must comply with the top quality standard if you want it to rank on the first page. 

Only the best content will thrive in this particular scenario, while AI-generated content will hardly meet the requirements. 

2. Absence Of Best User Experience 

The software cannot give the insights required for the best user experience. Most people define quality as plagiarism-free content. The reality is that AI-generated content is rephrasing the already available articles or blogs on the topic. So, it does not guarantee you the real quality. 

The content strategy used by AI copywriting tools cannot deliver the unique insights, original opinions, and crucial factors that are much needed for a worth-reading article. It only gives you the stories that are already published in different wordings. 

So, an experienced writer can write original standpoints and improve the content quality with their experience. 

3. Affecting the Digital Space 

AI-generated content comes with different potential risks, one of which is the threat to SERP quality. AI-based content generation tools evolve and learn quickly that it gets difficult for search engines to recognize the original content author. 

If more people start using AI content, there will be no original content. We instead reread the same information without learning anything new. So, people seeking original content, stories, and voices will surely be disappointed. 

This will happen if we promote AI content and overuse it to create content for the websites. 

4. Only Useful With Human Skills 

There’s always evil and productive use of everything, right? The same is the case with AI-generated content. It can be helpful and make your job much easier if you involve writers/editors in the journey. 

Writers or editors can easily understand readers’ intent and optimize the content accordingly. Unfortunately, AI-based writing tools cannot do this, at least not at this point. To make the most out of this, you must find the right balance between involving human and AI skills. 

Creating long articles and publishing them on your website will never take you far in the long-term scenario. It might save you money, but you will still look for good results. 

Does Google Penalize AI-Generated Content?

According to researchers, Google hasn’t found a way to differentiate between original and AI-generated content. So, no particular algorithm can flag the content as ‘AI-generated’. However, Google still knows how to pick up meaningless and spammy content. 

Simply put, there is low risk involved in penalizing your auto-generated content. Still, it depends on how a person can use the tool. 

But, we cannot ignore that Google still has different manual penalties if the content is against the guidelines. 

Is AI-Generated Content Good for SEO?

No, AI content writing software isn’t capable of SEO optimization of the content. Therefore, it is highly suggested that SEO specialists, writers, and even marketers should avoid AI-generated content if they want their websites to rank quickly with incredible traffic. 

Even if you use a tool for SEO content, you must carry out manual optimization before publishing the content on your website. 

Do AI Writing Tools Plagiarize?

The well-known AI writing tools are smart enough to create plagiarism-free content in a readable form. Still, not all AI content generators are the same. Therefore, you always need to run your content through plagiarism checkers, i.e., Grammarly or Copyscape. 


AI has undoubtedly helped in content creation, but you shouldn’t entirely depend on it. A writer needs to enrich the content with pure insights, data, stats, and opinions to improve the quality. Always place your readers first, and never expect your content to get you massive traffic without you editing the content before publishing.

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